Europacat 2019
A joint event of the catalysis communities from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

Welcome Address by Prof. Wilhelm Keim 30 September 2018

Our world with all its wealth regarding nutrition, health, housing, mobility, clothes, communication and many more beautiful things of our daily life would be inconceivable without catalysis. Without catalysis many of our today`s and future problems "across the borders" cannot be solved. Catalysis embraces heterogeneous, homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis, which all three have grown to such a size, that makes the breakdown into three single disciplines unavoidable. However, there are still many common features from molecules to materials and processes given. A meeting like EuropaCat 2019 will elucidate on common features, will serve crossfertilization and will counteract separation. The scientific sessions will focus on methodical characteristics and will cover recent results achieved. There is no doubt,  catalysis belongs to the most important sciences. In addition, the 1500 participants anticipated can enjoy the nice city of Aachen and its beautiful European neighborhood. Willkommen in Aachen!

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