Europacat 2019
A joint event of the catalysis communities from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

Poster Plan

Printed Poster

Thank you for presenting your poster at EuropaCat 2019.

We have two poster groups A and B. You will find your poster group and number here.

You must present your printed poster onsite and also as an e-Poster.

Copy Shop
You can find a copy shop where you can print your poster here.
The cost for a color printout A 0 is 12,50 € incl. VAT.

Preparation of Poster 

The printed poster should be mounted on a poster wall onsite. You will find your poster group and number here.

As a major guideline it is proposed to make the poster intelligible in itself, even in the absence of the author. It is suggested to divide the contents of each poster into introduction, results and conclusions, with a summary listing the pertinent results and conclusions.

The poster should be legible from a distance of 2-3 meters. Standard size for posters is 0.85 x 1.2 m (DIN A0-German Standard) vertically oriented. Therefore, please find the following specifications:

  • the minimum size should be 20 cm for graphs;
  • 3 cm for the paper’s title and the names/adresses of the authors in the heading lable;
  • 1,5 cm for sections headings such as introduction, results, labelling of figures and tables;
  • 0,8 cm characters in height for further text
  • Line spacing: 1,1 cm at minimum; 10 of such lines correspond to one figure.
  • Please use colours, symbols and schemes for improved clarity.

Poster group A should be displayed from Monday, 19 August 10:00 h until Wednesday, 21 August 10:00 h.
Poster group B should be displayed from Wednesday, 21 August 10.30 h until Friday, 23 August 13:00 h.

The poster party for group A will be on Monday, 19 August from 17:10 h – 19:00 h
The poster party for group B will be on Wednesday, 21 August from 17:10 h – 19:00 h

The authors are requested to be present at their poster(s) for discussion during the poster party.



We are happy to announce the competition for the “Poster Awards” at EuropaCat 2019!

The 10 award posters will get the possibility to present their work as a short lecture in the Session on Friday, 10:30 – 12:10. They will also receive a certificate and a financial recognition of 300 Euro.

In order to enter the competition, you will have to upload you poster as e-Poster here.

How to upload your e-Poster: Please log in with your user name and password. Select your poster contribution under "Paper submission" and add the e-Poster by uploading it using the "Actions" (and then "upload or edit presentation") button.

Deadline is 5 August.

Information on the creation of the e-Poster:

Attributes of the pdf file:      
Page Format: A0 portrait
High Quality
Embedded Fonts
without write protection
the file should not exceed 8 MB

The selection will be made by peer review among the competitors: each participant has ONE VOTE for his favourite poster from the E-Poster collection. Votes will be collected online during the conference until Wednesday, 7 pm, to give the chance to discuss with the presentations during the poster session (details to follow).

The winners will be informed via E-Mail before Thursday, 9:00 h.

So stay tuned, throw your hat in the ring, and see you soon in Aachen!


Organiser and Contact


Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Barbara Feisst
+49 (0)69 7564-333

Twitter Logo#europacat2019