Europacat 2019
A joint event of the catalysis communities from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

DECHEMA e.V. takes your privacy seriously. This privacy statement discloses the types of information we gather and how we use it. This privacy policy follows the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in its latest offical release. We take technical and organizational measures, which guarantees that our privacy policy is considered also by co-operating partners and external service providers.

Personal data

Personal data are information, which can be used to expose your identity. Your name, address, postal address, e-mail are belonging to this kind of data. Other information, which are not directly related to your identity (such as the version and type of your browser, the operationg system of your computer) do not fall in this category.

You can use our Internet Services in general without exposing your identity. However, if you want to register for one of our services, if you want to order a product or if you want to register for one of our events, we will ask for your name and other personal data. It is your free decision, whether you enter these data or not.

We store your personal data on escpecially protected computer systems. Access to these systems is possible only for particularly trained and authorized part of our staff. These employees are concerned with the technical, commercial or contentwise care of these systems.

If you access our web pages, we may store further information (e.g. IP address, type of browser, network, provider, date, time, regarded sides, branch address of other Web servers etc.), which possibly permits the identification of your person. We accomplish however no utilization of these data to detect your identity. These data records are evaluated only statistically, for optimization or our services and for simplification of the user guidance.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

We will use your personal data in case of orders or registrations only within the DECHEMA e.V.. We will not pass your data to third parties, except you register for an event DECHEMA is organizing in cooperation with other partners or by utilizing external service providers. In such a case we normally will transmit your registration data to our cooperation partners. As far as it is required for the realization of an event or to fulfill your request data may be transfered to associated affiliates, organizations or external service providers, too. If data are transfered to third parties in accordance to the above announced regulations, we oblige these parties to operate within the laws of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). If you register for an event which is part of a series of events, that are organized by altering national or international organizers, DECHEMA will usually pass your adress and/or contact data to the next organizer of this event series. As far as we are obligated legally or by court order, we will convey your data to information-entitled governmental authorities.

In some places of our website you can contribute within forums or register into catalogs. Theses contributions in our forums and/or catalogs are accessible for everyone. Therefore one should examine a contribution carefully before the publication whether it not contains data, which are not intended for the public. One must assume, that Internet search machines view that contributions. Therefore this contribution may be world-wide accessible without visiting the DECHEMA website initially. In case of foreign operators the deletion or correction of such entries often cannot be accomplished.

Right on revocation

If you should want us to delete your personal data, you can send us at any time a clear declaration of your intention by fax, letter or e-mail. If you choose an e-mail for your cancellation, you will receive a verification mail from us, whose receipt you will have to confirm. Data for accounting purposes may not be deleted by us.


Some of our web pages use "cookies" (small amounts of data containing configuration information) to allow special functions for using that pages. Therefore some of our services are may be not usable without cookies. We are not using cookies however, to generate or maintain user profiles.

It is also possible to view our web pages without Cookies. Typically most browsers are preconfigured, so that they accept cookies automatically. However, you can deactivate storing of cookies or you can adjust your browser in such a way that it will inform you in each case cookies are sent.


Children and young people below an age of 18 should not provide personal data to us without the approval of their parents or legal guardians. We do not ask for personal data of children or young people - except in our DECHEMA scholar club DECHEMAX. Children and young people below an age of 18 need the agreement of their parents or legal guardians for ordering our services or products. We do not pass personal data of children and young people.


The web pages of the DECHEMA e.V. contain links (connections) to web pages of other suppliers. We do not have any influence on these parties in operating their web services in accordance with our privacy policy or the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Some of the links will forward to servers, wich are operated outside Germany and which are therefore not subjected to German jurisdiction and rights.

Questions and Comments

If you have questions or comments regarding DECHEMA's privacy statement, please contact the data protection offical of DECHEMA e.V..


The further enhancements of the Internet media, changed legal situations or jurisdictions may result in alterations of this privacy policy. At this place we will point your attention to such changes and we will also publish the altered privacy policy here.

Frankfurt am Main, November 2014

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